Plastic Prototype Options

From vacuum forming and fiberglass to blow molding, The Prototyper addresses your needs.

High-Speed CNC Machining

A wide variety of metals, plastics and even clear plastics can be CNC Machined. We can combine this with lathe, boring, EDM burning, wire cutting and laser cutting to come up with one of the fastest and most accurate methods for producing a prototype part. Normal lead time is about 1 to 2 weeks.

RTV and Polyurethane Parts

These parts are next up the food chain when it comes to producing rapid prototype parts. This process generally starts with a SLA pattern. Then a RTV tool is cast off it. Finally, vacuum castings can be produced from a wide variety of urethane materials. This method is good for coming up with 20 to 25 parts in 1 to 3 weeks.

Cut Injection Molds

Our injection molding services are extensive. These cut prototype tools are built for speed, low volumes and low cost. We offer both hard (hardened steel) and soft (aluminum) tooling. We can mold most thermoplastic resins.