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The Prototyper is quickly becoming a leader in developing rapid prototypes for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). For almost two decades, The Prototyper has worked with mechanical and design engineers from the country’s leading companies. We’ve helped create everything from high­end kitchen appliances to cutting edge ATVs. Our markets include the manufacturers of automotive products, telecommunication equipment, recreational vehicles, power tools and household goods. Our team of experts are here and ready to support engineers in the search for the prototype option that best suits their program parameters. We offer over 30 different processes for the development of prototype projects and a wide array of materials. Our materials include – but are not limited to ­ aluminum, steel, zinc, ABS, urethanes and plastics. Among the many methods we use are CNC machining, metal casting, bending, die casting, injection molding, RTV and urethane casting. At The Prototyper we don’t try to sell you on a specific technology and make your project fit it, but rather we review your program and show you the multiple options available for development.

Metal Prototypes

Die CastingBe it via CNC, Bent Metals or Metal Castings, the processes for producing quality metal prototypes quickly are numerous. Our normal lead time for metals is between 1 and 2 weeks. YES. That fast. The specific method and cost depends upon the volume of parts, the tolerance, the material and the desired lead time. Read More

CNC Machining

cnc machiningCNC Machining can be done as a hog-out from solid stock in about 1 to 2 weeks. CNC can also be a secondary operation for metal castings, as a way to address the tight tolerance areas. The advantage of a hog-out is that it has the tightest tolerance and often offers a shorter lead time. The benefit of a cast part with secondary machining is that it is a closer representation of a production part. EDM and wire cutting are used for detail work. Read More

Plastic Prototype

metal castingPlastic prototypes are created through a number of different methods. For starters, they can be CNC machined from standard ABS, nylon, other materials. This method can even provide CLEAR vapor polished parts. RTV tools produce urethane parts, and are a great way to do anywhere from 3 to 25 parts – in just about any size. The normal turnaround time is 2 weeks. Soft and hard cut injection molds are good for thermoplastic parts, with a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. Read More


cnc machining center

Sheet metal parts are generally formed by teaming together a number of different methods. That may include some combination of laser cutting, bending and welding. Lead time can vary depending upon the size and complexity of the project, but 2 weeks is standard. Read More

Rapid Prototypes

casting metal

Rapid Prototypes – commonly called RPs – are produced through processes that include SLA, SLS, 3D Printing and FDM. The basic principle is this: After 3D data is programmed, a laser puts down or cures material, building a layer at a time. Supports are removed and the part is cleaned up, giving you a prototype in 3 to 5 days. RPs can be used as standalone prototypes, or as a pattern. Read More

Other Services

fineline prototyping

Other services we provide include: inspection, painting, assembly, heat treating, plating, polishing and many more.

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